Happy Birthday Paul Laurence Dunbar

It’s the week of the summer solstice, so I thought why not read a summer-themed poem to the artists at the Saturday Genesis Art Workshop on Zoom. Google directed me to this site: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poets/paul-laurence-dunbar, where I was drawn to Summer-time, the magnificent poem of Paul Laurence Dunbar. Little did I know that it was actually […]

Happy Chanukah from my Mother in Heaven

  It’s happened once more. My mother has come for a visit. It’s been more than four years since I’ve seen her in the flesh, but she continues to stay close and prod me along. She’s been saying to me for some time: “When’s your memoir going to be published?” And I’ve said to her […]

The Prophecy in a Lego Creation

Today is my third anniversary, the day I officially made aliya and became an Israeli citizen. I love living in Jerusalem. I love the friends I’ve made and seeing how my children blossomed here, Miriam with her mosaics and beautiful friendships with other young women and Seiji with his life in an international boarding high […]

For the Love of a Cookie

  I don’t know Shara Jacobs. But her almost-love story on the Chabad.org website could have been mine. Who is Shara Jacobs? She’s a woman of undisclosed age looking back on her teenage self. It was summertime. She was in training in the Poconos to become a lifeguard,  together for the first time with non-Jews, […]

Write about your Life But No Need to Revisit It

  What to do with those writing journals? With Corona keeping us close to home like never before, it’s very tempting to start digging out old journals and getting to work on your memoir. A dear friend had just that thought. The problem was that she was dreading confronting the woman of twenty years earlier […]

What’s in a Title?

  The thing about writing a book is that it can take years and years, as it did in my case. October was its completion and I marked the occasion unceremoniously because, in truth, there’s a sense of double sadness. An eight-year process was over and life needed to move on. But on the other […]

From the Private Journals of Alex Singer

I ask myself as a writer and artist, what is it about the combination of “arts and letters” that is so powerful? Why is it that when we see words next to a work of art by the artist, we are comforted in knowing that a level of intimacy and honesty is being offered that […]

The Untold Story of Willy Rudolf Foerster – Japan’s Oskar Schindler

For nearly twenty years I was a regular visitor to the Chabad House of Rabbi Binyomin Edery in Omori, Tokyo. Never in my wildest dreams, as I walked there along  German Dori, which means German Street, did I realize that Nazi secrets were hidden within plain sight. Stately European-style houses should have given me a […]


Thank you for visiting my website. I’m in the process of updating and adding new features that introduce you to my twin worlds in Jerusalem now (top picture) and where I raised my children in Tokyo (bottom).  

Sayonara Fritz Jacobi

Fritz Jacobi, who was always great at calling a scoop when he saw one, missed out on the best scoop of his life. The title Fritz could have chosen for this scoop: “Man Dies on Park Bench of Natural Causes.” Today I learned from his son Mike Jacobi that my dear first boss, a friend […]

Coming of Age in Jerusalem

Since moving to Israel, I’ve been working toward completion of a memoir about my transformational marriage and family life in Japan. That was when I had a different ending–or so I thought. It was  tale about doing my best to root myself in a Japanese family and come out nearly thirty years later reconciled to spending the […]

Top Memoirs on My Summer Reading List

I love books about inspirational women who stand up for themselves, who speak up even when living out of their comfort zone, half way around the world from where they were born. With this in mind, I searched for memoirs that dealt with the themes of most interest to the Wagamama Bride, starting with falling […]