225 West 106th Street NYC

I haven’t even received the brain-boosting supplements but they’re already doing what they’re supposed to. Boosting memory. This is how it works. Michele, a dear friend in Haifa, is going to New York and asks me if I need anything to bring back. It happens I’m thinking about getting a brain-functioning booster supplement. But they’re expensive so I hesitate. But then Michele tells me the address where to send the supplements and big wow. It’s the same apartment building in NYC where my great aunt Vicky lived. Like, really, really. I still remember the zipcode because even from Japan I corresponded with my great aunt quite a bit. Here we all were relaxing around the dining table. I don’t think I ever saw my cousins or my father there without a necktie. It was where we always put on our nicest clothes to fit in with the antique-laden surroundings that are quite the mystery, since we were all first generation Americans arriving after WWII with just a few valises.

Is this not why we write? So that moments of these send us running to jot them down. Because even miracles are forgotten

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