Meet the cast of THE WAGAMAMA BRIDE—left to right: The bride’s parents Adrianne Lebensbaum, Carol Grunberg, Liane Wakabayashi, Akihiko and his parents Toshihiko and Hiroko Wakabayashi. Here on wedding day at the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, April 7, 1991.

Happy Chanukah from my Mother in Heaven


It’s happened once more. My mother has come for a visit. It’s been more than four years since I’ve seen her in the flesh, but she continues to stay close and prod me along. She’s been saying to me for some time: “When’s your memoir going to be published?” And I’ve said to her on repeated occasions, just let’s be patient. Let’s see if I can snag an editor’s attention on Their readers are my readers. Their journey is my journey. Their about face toward a Torah-led way of life came at a high cost to their closest relationships and lifestyle choices. But they did it. We did it. And we all have Chabad to thank.

So without further ado, as my mother – the London trained actress – would have said, here’s Chanukah in Montreal: a 1957 cause for celebration. Because without it, I wouldn’t be here…And without to publish excerpts, I wouldn’t be reaching my audience.

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