Brendan Burchard reminds us that when success isn’t enough, cherish your life!

Brendan Burchard, the author of a long list of best-selling motivational books, is big on adopting a “destiny mindset,” seeing your life as consequential, that what we do is making a difference. The more we give thanks for what’s happening in our lives daily, the more we feel fulfilled. Brendan’s research has found that daily journaling improves self-satisfaction in life. By taking time to write about our life events, we gain clarity.

Tonight Brendan gave another of his mind-blowingly good talks on his Growthday.com platform and while downing one potato latke after another on the fourth night of Chanukah, I took notes with the less oily hand.

Journaling is one of many ways he says to take stock of life. We need time to stop and feel our accomplishments and integrate them into our being. Take it all in. Allow the good to come into your psychology.

Brendan reminds us that we get to code the system rather than starting the day in reactive mode–checking the phone, scrolling to find out what’s happening amongst friends and emails. We get to decide what to say to ourselves and how we start our mornings in ways that cheer us on.

By getting our self-talk aligned with the positive, more opportunities in our lives show up to greet the best version of ourselves.

I recalled how persistent I had to be in order figure out how to get my book into the Ingramsparks system after repeated rejections and hours of fruitless uploading. I remembered how the book wouldn’t have ever made the light of day without a chance encounter with a high school classmate here in Israel who became the book designer. I thought about an old friend who had recently published a book too and had been so kind and generous to share with me her contact info for her Ingramsparks “geek.” She performed the miracle of getting my book into the Ingramsparks system when I couldn’t do it alone.

I think this is what Brendan means about feeling our lives—taking it all in and allowing the good to come into our psychology and our life force.

Brendan Burchard ended his talk with a reminder that at the end of the day, this life that we live is never created in isolation. “Surround yourself with fulfilled people, meaning people like you who are grateful and happy for their lives.”

On that note, I couldn’t resist sharing his message with you. We are in this together. It all comes down to loving our lives–no matter what. And doing what we love together, we can scale mountains!

I recommend listening to Brendan Burchard’s spiritual and motivational podcasts or finding more about him at https://www.growthday.com/

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