To Live As We Are: Freeing the Mind for True Self Expression



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Sachiko Adachi developed a gift late in her life for public speaking. Drawing on her personal experience as an artist, she would express the oneness of human, planetary and cosmic consciousness. Without the use of any notes, she shifted between themes as her intuition directed her. To Live As We Are was the lecture Sachiko described as her most comprehensive. It expresses how to get rid of set patterns of thinking by activating intuition, creativity, and viewing ordinary life as a theatre performance, “where we are cast in the role of star and the people around us simply act out their roles for our benefit.”Sachiko presents spiritually, emotionally and sexually challenging concepts in plain words that are easy for readers to understand and accept. No matter how many times you pick up and read To Live As We Are, you’ll find something new to discover about life, and about yourself.



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