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Ed Levinson

Edward Levinson was born in 1953 in Richmond, Virginia, USA. He came to live in Japan in 1979 and where he has been active as a fine art and editorial photographer since 1985. He is especially well known for his pinhole photography. He is also a published essayist and poet.

Writing publications include: Whisper of the Land (Fine Line Press 2014), a memoir/collection of essays based on his life in Japan which includes many photos; Balloon on Fire ( 2019, haiku and photos); and two essay books in Japanese (Iwanami Shoten 2011, 2007).

Edward’s photo book Timescapes Japan received an Award at Prix de la Photography Paris 2007. Tokyo Story, his short pinhole movie, was an Official Selection at six film competitions, winning several awards; his short film Paris de Light has received five honors. Other photo books include: Moments in the Light, Mind Games, Silhouette Stories, Spots of Light – Tokyo (Solo Hill Books 2017, 2019).

Edward’s photographs have been regularly exhibited in Japan, the U.S.A., and Europe since 1994 and are in various museum and private collections. He has penned numerous articles and columns for English and Japanese magazines in Japan. He is a member of The Photographic Society of Japan and The Japan P.E.N. Club.

He lives in the countryside in Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture where has a studio and gallery and stays inspired by nature and his garden.

He enjoys doing live presentations showcasing both the practical and spiritual sides of life as he experiences it.

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Finding Home Far from Home

Goshen Books Celebrates Memoir Writer Ed Levinson:

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Meet photographer and memoir writer, Edward Levinson, author of Whisper of the Land

Edward Levinson was 25 years old in 1979, trying to establish his life in the post hippie-era style of back-to-the-land living in the woods of Virginia. What on earth was he thinking and feeling when he suddenly took off on a wanderlust trip to Japan, knowing almost nothing of the culture and zero of the language? He told friends and family he’d return in two months. “For someone who tries be truthful and live an honest life, that turned out to be a huge miscalculation. I never went home,” Levinson recalls.

Join Edward as he reads from his memoir, Whisper of the Land – Visions of Japan,” show his highly regarded and worldwide exhibited photographs documenting a country lifestyle transformed into art.  

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Free And Open To The Public

Whisper of the Land
– Visions of Japan

“Who are we to really know what awaits us on our journeys, both the outer tangible steps we take and the inner path that tries to guide those steps? The process of doing things fascinates me. But it is the inspirations gained from nature and the contemplative life that brings me joy and feeds my photographic art, all my writings, and life as a whole. Having made my home in Japan has deeply influenced all aspects of my being.” Edward says, adding that he will happily take questions on any subject from gardening to photography and writing, or tips on daily meditative attunement practices that aid inspiration.

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